Berliner Ryesse ( cervejaria Alvinne ) 33cl / 4%


Berliner Ryesse is a thirst-quenching pale Berliner Weisse. At only 4% ABV, it’s a light and refreshing beer that is characterised by the addition of a generous amount of rye to the grain bill. Berliner Ryesse matures in stainless steel tanks where the Morpheus yeast imparts a refreshing sourness.

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So much choice, why choose Alvinne?

World-class!Alvinne produces world-class sour beers. We work hard to uphold our reputation, which we showcase by serving our beer in top bars worldwide.

Authenticity Alvinne beers are unique because of our Morpheus house yeast strain. All of our sour beers are brewed with our own unique yeast, harvested from a natural environment. Morpheus yeast is a strong contributor to the flavour of our beer and gives us our own identity. Call it the Alvinne touch. You can recognise the Alvinne touch in our sour and non-sour, traditional beers.

Pure and unique Our sour fruit beers contain only real fruit, no syrups or concentrates. Some of our beers contain rare and unusual berries, which you’ve probably never tasted in a beer before. That’s why we can only offer our seasonal fruit beers in limited quantities. It’s up to you to find out which ones are available right now!

Time? No one’s got time, right? In a world where everything is fast paced and instant, we prefer to give our beers time to mature and develop their wonderful aromas. Our old foeders and carefully selected wine barrels play a big part in this.

‘Dare to go Wild ..’

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